Actika Bio-Magnetic Insoles


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Actika Bio-Magnetic Insoles

Actika Bio-Magnetic Insoles, a total of 1,800 gauss bi-polar magnets per pair help provide relief from feet pain.

They stimulate, relax your feet, and may also help reduce muscular aches and pains, back distress, headaches, fatigue and anxiety.

The 900 gauss (700 gauss for toes) bio-magnets also have effect on maintaining health by stimulating blood circulation.

These wonderfully designed bio-magnetic insoles may help keep your feet away from smell, body stress-free and energize your body!

Bio-magnetic treatment improves blood circulation and has good effects on coldness, stiff shoulders, lower back pain.

This Japanese product clears strict criteria and is the only insole that has been approved as a “permanent magnet magneto-therapy device for household” with certified medical device manufacturing permission in Japan.

There are several holes around the bio-magnets so that its force can be applied to the entire sole without restriction.

As bio-magnets positioned are located on the lateral arch of the foot, you can wear it without any discomfort.

Specially designed for people who work for long hours on their feet, long hours of standing, or perform heavy tasks.

Size: Trim-to-Fit for Women (21.5 – 25.0 cm) and Men (24.0 – 28.0 cm), both size ranges are suitable for women and men.

Color: Brown only.

Caution: Do not use bio-magnetic products if you have a pacemaker or electric implants of any kind, or are allergic to metal.
Please note: this product is considered personal in nature, and thus cannot be returned or exchanged once used.

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Weight0.028 kg
Dimensions29.5 x 10.5 x 0.5 cm


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